How to Wash a North Face Backpack Safely? Light and Deep Cleaning Method

Backpacks have turn out a major and primary investment these days. It has become one such exclusive hiking or skiing accessory that needs our maximum attention. There is no point in investing in high-end backpacks if you do not properly clean them!

Daypacks and large in size backpacks often get flooded with dirt, sweat, grease, and grime. These elements make their way into the shoulder straps and hip belts of our backpacks.

To make your backpack all clean-looking, just check out this guide. Here you can know how to wash a North Face backpack. There is a light and deep cleaning method mentioned in this post. You can check out the related details.

how to wash a North Face backpack

Instead of degrading and destroying the fabric of your backpack, it is better to clean, wash and take care of them. Such accessories are usually get attracted by dirt and grease over time. Zippers lose their quality if they are not properly maintained. In addition, pockets get gummed up.

Do read out this story that tells you in detail and in-depth how to wash a North Face backpack:

North Face Brand and their Backpacks

North Face brand and their backpacks have helped out a tremendous number of hikers, skiers, and explorers to reach their destination. Along with their backpacks, these people have reached and accessed unfathomable heights. Furthermore, this brand has become a legend in making all kinds of packs. If you are a hiking enthusiast, then apart from buying these brand backpacks, you need to clean and wash them as well.

North Face Brand and their Backpacks

Carrying a backpack is always identified as high-performance climbing and also critically needed backpacking equipment. Besides, this brand even delivers an extensive and successful line of performance apparel and equipment, and too footwear. So, follow this backpack cleaning and washing guide. All climbers, mountaineers, and extreme skiers can follow this guide plan. It is made and devised for snowboarders and endurance runners, and all kinds of explorers.

Items needed to clean North Face backpack

It does not matter whether you have opted for a light cleaning job or deep cleaning daypack job, simply get these items first of all!

You need mild soap. Make sure to get that kind of mild soap that comes with no fragrances. In addition, no other additives should be present in it. There are extensive kinds of mild soaps that are specifically made to clean and wash technical packs.

Secondly, you need a clean sponge. You can even get a washcloth if you could not find a clean sponge at your end.

The third item is to get a soft nylon-bristled brush. Avoid using a stiff brush. As an alternative, you can have a used toothbrush for this cleaning purpose.

Major and important techniques on how to clean North Face backpack

These are basic and general techniques that you can follow while cleaning North Face backpacks. Most importantly, you need to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and recommendations. Whatever is written on your backpack regarding cleaning and washing it, do follow that strictly. Some brands allow their backpacks to get submerged in water. And some brands strictly prohibit washing their daypacks.

It is generally seen that one should not wash their North Face backpacks in a washing machine. And avoid drying them in a dryer! These kinds of packs need a gentle cleaning job and that is what you have to offer.

Moreover, use lukewarm water for cleaning these North Face backpacks. It is suggested to never use hot water. Moreover, if you are cleaning that pack with a brush and soft sponge, then make sure to use them sparingly. Upon following a harsh and rough cleaning technique, all protective coatings present on your backpack may get destroyed.

For drying a North Face backpack, make sure to hang it in the shade. Or you can dry this backpack of yours indoors. Avoid hanging it in the direct sun. The direct and constant exposure to UV light coming from the sun may degrade and damage your daypack fabric.

Lastly, you should occasionally clean your pack zippers. While cleaning them up, make sure to first take off all dust and fine sand particles from them. Avoid scrubbing your pack zippers.

These pack zippers are packed with water-resistant coatings, so never and ever scrub them. In addition, for dealing with stuck zippers, you can apply a lubricant on them and make them easy to slide.

Light cleaning North Face backpacks

There is this light cleaning job that you can follow if you have a North Face backpack. Once you are done with your overnight trip time or hiking, then cleaning your backpack is a must. In this regard, simply give it a light and not-so-deep cleaning job.

The first step that you can follow is to empty all your daypack pockets. Take out all dirt and sand stuck in it by shaking your pack in an upside-down direction.

The next step is to take a cleaning sponge and start to wipe out all of the interior sections of your backpack. Just use a sponge and there is no need to use soap.

You need to lightly scrub your daypack with the help of a sponge. This way, all spots, and stains may get removed from it. If stubborn stains are there, then you can use a little amount of soap.

To rinse off this soap, use clean and cool water. The last step is to dry your pack. And store it at your desired location.

Deep cleaning North Face backpacks

All North Face backpack owners need to give a deep cleaning job them. This is a critically needed step that you need to follow and opt for. When it comes to deep cleaning, there are specific steps and guide plans that you can pursue.

Like, once you have empty your daypack pockets, the next step is to start to vacuum crevices as well as seams of your pack. Through this vacuuming job, you will see that all loose dirt and sand crumbs are going to come out from your backpack.

The next step is to remove the shoulder straps and also hip belt. You can only remove these elements if your backpack allows it to do so. We know that there are many kinds of daypacks whose shoulder straps and hip belts are not removable.

You need to wash these items separately with the help of a little soap and sponge. Rinse them well and properly and use cool running water in this phase. You can even remove and wash the metal frame if it is possible to do so.

Now, take a bathtub and fill it with lukewarm water. If you do not have a bathtub, then you can use a large sink as well. Fill that sink or bathtub with around and about 6 inches of lukewarm water. Take a mild soap and submerge your North Face backpack in that sink. Furthermore, sponge off all of the interiors of your pack.

In addition, you should brush the exterior sides of your pack. Those sections that are extremely dirty, you can gently clean up. And remember to clean mesh pockets as well.

Guide to machine wash your North Face backpack

As we have mentioned to you the cleaning technique, now it is time to check out the North Face backpacks washing technique. It depends on your backpack material and overall fabric that whether it should be placed in the washer or not. S Most importantly, many kinds of backpacks are made of canvas and nylon. And such materials are machine-wash friendly as well. On the other hand, if your North Face backpack is made of leather, then avoid putting it in the washing machine. Instead, you should line dry those daypacks.

  1. The very first and initial step to machine wash your North Face backpack is to empty it. Whatever accessories and items are there in your pack, take out them and empty it on the fullest notes. You need to empty every compartment of your pack.
  2. In this step, you can use a handheld vacuum and remove all dust and crumbs from the nooks and corners of your backpack. Moreover, you can use a computer-keyboard air blower. If there is a hard-to-remove muck in your daypack, then you can use a clean makeup brush. It is because of these soft bristles that debris will be able to get loosening up. This step does not impose and bring any damage to your backpack fabric.
  3. The next step is to unzip your pack pockets. You need to cut away any of the threads that are located near the zipping areas. In addition, remove any of the possible detachable straps. If pockets and smaller bags are removable, then do so as well.
  4. Take a stain remover and apply it to the affected sections of your North Face backpack. Just take a soft brush and scrub that stain remover right on the affected areas. Allow this remover to settle in for around and about 30 minutes.
  5. Turn your backpack inside out. In this manner, any of the zippers and straps will not be able to get caught up and get stuck in the washing machine. Besides, take some gentle detergent and start to wash your pack in cold water. Set your washing machine on the gentle cycle mode.
  6. The last and final step is to air-dry your North Face backpack. Unzip your pack and make sure to hang it in an upside-down mode. You can even dry this pack outdoors.

Guide to hand wash your North Face backpacks

We know that the hand-washing method is the oldest washing method meant for cleaning and maintaining backpacks. So, to hand-wash these North Face backpacks check out this guide:

  1. Empty your North Face backpack. Vacuum it a little bit by using a handheld vacuum or a computer-keyboard air blower. 
  2. Use a stain remover and take off all spots from your backpack.
  3. Now, fill up your basin with lukewarm water. Never use the hot water while hand-washing your backpack. In that water, add a little bit of gentle detergent. 
  4. Take a soft brush and gently scrub your bag. You need to focus specifically on the dirty sections of your backpack. Furthermore, for removing ground-in stains, you should use a toothbrush.
  5. Now, drain the dirty water and make sure to fill your basic with clean cool water. Rinse your North Face backpack again thoroughly.
  6. The final step is air-drying! Hang this backpack in an upside-down direction and dry it completely.

Can you wash a north face backpack?

From the above-mentioned discussion, you can well conclude and understand that it is better to vacuum clean your North Face backpacks instead of putting them in the washer. Furthermore, you can clean these backpacks with the help of a damp cloth if there are any dirty spots and marks on them. It is not advised to submerge these backpacks totally and wholly in water if there is not a major need to do so! It even depends on which fabric your North Face backpack is made of. If it has leather trims, then never put it in the washer. And if it nylon or canvas made, it means you can put it on the gentle cycle mode.


Now, you know when and how to clean as well as wash North Face backpacks! If you have more questions about cleaning and washing these backpacks, let us know any time.

North Face backpacks are expensive and they should be carefully cleaned and washed. Simply follow this guide and the steps incorporated in it.

Right now, we have just shared the details on cleaning North Face backpacks. If you have got the pack of some other brand, sooner cleaning methods and washing instructions about those packs will be shared on this web page.

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