How to Wash a JanSport Backpack Ultimate Guide 2021

You might be wondering how to clean and wash a JanSport backpack, so let us all check out this guide. Everybody needs to keep their backpacks clean. You can either go for spot cleaning or you can generally spruce up your backpack. We have mentioned this guide in a series number of steps.

Have a look at the explanation now that is about how to wash a JanSport backpack and if you have any questions, let us know! You need to understand that backpacks need ongoing maintenance, regular cleaning, and an ongoing washing job. What you can do is to consider and keep on following a monthly cleaning routine at your end. And for quick touch up, you can simply wipe down your JanSport backpack.

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Step 1

how to clean a jansport backpack

The first step is that you have to unload your backpack. Take out all the stuff from your bag, empty its pockets. In other words, you have to thoroughly unload it. After that, turn your backpack inside out and shake it properly. You can also turn your bag in an upside-down direction. Just shake it over the dustbin, in this manner, all trash will come out from your backpack. Moreover, this shaking and unloading technique will remove all dust and debris from your bag.

Still, if you are not super satisfied, then you can take a vacuum and take out the trash from your JanSport backpack. Just use the hose attachment and link it with your vacuum. This way, it will become easy for you to take out all dust from the corners and base sections of your JanSport backpack.

Step 2

The next step is to clean your JanSport backpack! This important piece of advice is given to backpack users that they should avoid cleaning their bags in a washing machine. There is a chance that this cleaning technique may ruin their backpack shape. In addition, the washing machine destroys the overall finish of your bag. Moreover, it is always recommended to clean your JanSport backpack by hand and that is what this guide is going to tell you.

As you have seen that general backpacks are made of 600D Polyester Fabrics! In this regard, you have to use cool water to properly clean your backpack. Take a soft damp cloth and start to wipe it down all of the interior and exterior sections of your pack. Besides, you should never and ever use bleach on your JanSport backpack. Avoid using any of the harsh detergents as well.

Step 3

Once you have clean your JanSport backpack by hand, the next step is to dry it. Before you use it, all base and corners of your bag have to be thoroughly dried. The recommended solution is that you have to air-dry it. This air-drying technique works best and dries up your backpack professionally and ideally. When you see that all corners and pockets of your bag are completely dried, then you can simply use it for your next trip.

how to wash a jansport backpack

How to clean stains on your JanSport backpack?

Lots of backpack owners face the problem of seeing lots of stains on their backpacks. In this regard, there is a quick solution for you. You just have to use a high-end stain remover and get rid of all stains and spots from your bag.

The directions to use this stain remover are pretty much easy to follow. First of all, you just have to get the right kind of spray cleaner. Then take a wet cloth or brush or sponge. Apply that spray cleaner on that wet cloth and start to scrub it on the backpack section that has got stains on it.

You need to scrub thoroughly. The next step is to wipe away and remove all of the excess moisture. Do this step with the help of a clean dry towel. Just dry your JanSport backpack and you are good to go!

Guide on sanitizing your JanSport backpack

There is this guide for you that helps you know how to sanitize your JanSport backpack. Check out the details:

We know that it is important to disinfect your backpacks so that no fungus growth is seen and spotted on them. Upon disinfecting your backpacks, it gets easy for you to prevent the presence of bacterial growth on your bags as well.

Moreover, it is this Athlete’s foot fungus that can conveniently get transferred all from your socks and shoes right to your backpack. So, it is recommended to regularly disinfect your backpacks.  What you can do is to skip chlorine bleach and simply use pine oil. You can even use a phenolic disinfectant. In addition, some prefer using a disinfectant wipe. There are lots of disinfectants out there that are available and made in liquid formulations.

The use of such disinfectants is pretty much easy. You only have to spray these disinfectants on your backpacks and make them germ-free simply. Hence, we can say that routinely disinfecting your backpack has now become a must because they get grimy and surrounded with germs quickly.

The last step is to air out your backpack. You should not use any of the laundry machines drier for this job. Just dry your bag in the presence of sunshine. Now, it has become all easy when it comes to cleaning JanSport backpacks.

Can you wash a JanSport backpack?

Now, we have this commonly asked question in front of you what can you wash a JanSport backpack, so here is the answer for you! These backpacks are indeed washable but you need to wash them with care. In terms of washing, we have two options for you. The user can either go for a hand-wash routine or he can go for a machine-wash routine. The choice is up to you! In addition, you can get in touch with the customer service of JanSport. Their team keeps on sharing some authentic guidelines and ideal tips on how to properly wash these backpacks.

  1. So, starting with this washing guide! The first step is to remove all of the supplies from your backpack. There should not be any papers or accessories in your bag while you make it ready to pass through the washing process. Furthermore, you should properly check its compartments. Unzip the zippers and double-check everything.
  2. The second step is to read out the label that is attached to your JanSport backpack. It is on that label that cleaning instructions are mentioned. You can find out this label inside your bag. Take it out and read how to wash and clean that respective backpack! 
  3. Once you have come to know about the cleaning instructions, then you need to see where stains or spots are present in your backpack. Take a good-quality stain remover and take off all stains from your bag.
  4. Now, you can toss away your backpack in the washing machine. Make sure to set your washing machine on the normal setting mode. You can add your desired amount of water to it and then simply add the detergent. It has to be of high-quality one! In addition, if you are hand washing your JanSport backpack, then get the basin that is of the appropriate size. Add the water and detergent to that basin and wash your bag in it.
  5. Apart from that, if the person is machine washing his backpack, then it is recommended to him to put that backpack in a laundry sack. You can even use a large pillowcase. The next step is to simply drop your bag in the machine.
  6. Before you air dries your backpack by JanSport backpack, you need to check again and again whether pockets and compartments are cleaned up to the mark or not. As soon as you are satisfied with the cleaning and washing job, then you can again toss your backpack in clean water. The last step is to hang it under the sunshine and let it dry completely and properly.

Keep in mind that it is not important to regularly wash your JanSport backpacks. You can just hand-wash or spot clean them as well. Regularly and constantly washing them may ruin or de-shape their overall finishing. Just use wet clothes or soft sponges and clean your backpacks. Besides, you should only wash your backpack if there are tough stains and spots are present on it.


I believe now the question is answered how to wash a Jansport backpack. This one is a fact that JanSport backpacks are here to stay. They last long and possess exceptional quality in them. This brand has been in the market for decades and cleaning their backpacks is all easy and simple now. You can get extensive ideas from the above-mentioned cleaning and washing guide related to JanSport backpacks.

Just remain careful while washing a backpack and give it a clean look simply. In addition, if you follow some other procedure when washing a JanSport bag, then share with us. Keep tuned and in touch with us. More elaborated and easy-to-follow backpack cleaning guides are coming up. If any of the readers have any confusion maintaining these backpacks, he can seek further guidance from us anytime. Time to give a complete and proper wash to your backpacks.

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