How To Use Backpack Loops? Ultimate Guide 2021

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re reading this blog post because you don’t know how to use backpack loops. You may have seen them in your high school’s gym or at the airport, but never thought they would come in handy. Well, they do! Backpack loops are great for carrying heavy items without straining your hands and back. They’re also great for removing weight from your shoulders when traveling over rough terrain or through crowds of people with large bags. I’ll show you three different ways of using these nifty little things today!

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Readers will find this blog post useful because we explore what backpack loops are and provide some great reasons why they might want to try using them in their homes.

Backpack Loops

Backpack loops are a wonderful way to attach your second strap to your bag, allowing you to carry it as a backpack instead of a messenger bag.

What are backpack loops and why do you need them?

Backpack loops are the little loops that you find on most backpacks. You might have seen them before, but never thought to put anything through them for fear of tearing the stitching out of your bag. Well, backpack loops are meant for this exact purpose!

How do I use backpack loops?

There are many different ways to use backpack loops. I’ll show you three today: carabiner through the backpack loop, hooking a bag onto a chair with your backpack, and using the backpack loops to carry a large box.

Where can I get backpack loops?

Backpack loops are usually included with any new bag that comes into contact with them.

How To Use Backpack Loops

Best way to use backpack loops

The best way to use backpack loops is through the carabiner method, also called a ‘biner clip. It’s easy to do and makes for a quick way to attach your backpack strap.

Another great way to use backpack loops is by hooking them onto a chair. I usually use this one when going to places where I’ll have a lot of bags that need to be carried.

Another way you can use backpack loops is for carrying large, heavy boxes or equipment! I did this recently when moving and it made the job a lot easier.

Make sure that the carabiner goes through your backpack loop and not through another part of your bag (like the zippers). Clipping the carabiner through a different part of your bag could cause it to rip.

Make sure that you’re not too close to the ground, otherwise, the chair will slip out easily (and you won’t be able to remove your backpack).

Don’t try this method if your backpack doesn’t have loops or if there are no loops in between for you to attach the chair too.

How to attach a loop to your bag?

Look for loops on the sides of your backpack, in between strap sections. These are usually where the pack loops lie when attached to an external bag.

forest hiking with a backpack

Insert one side of the carabiner into a loop that is parallel to the ground and then attach it through another loop that is perpendicular to the ground (either right beneath or above the first loop).

Make sure that when you go to remove your bag from the chair, that you do so gently. Pulling on your bag quickly could detach the carabiner and cause damage to both of your items.

Other ways to attach a loop onto your bag

Find a loop on the back of your bag and attach it to another loop that is right next to it.

Attach the carabiner onto loops on either side of your backpack, making sure that they are parallel to each other.

Make sure the carabiner isn’t too close to anything else as it could cause damage to the bag.

Other uses for backpack loops.

I always have at least 2 on the back of my bag, but sometimes all 4 are used. Having more loops makes it easier to attach things to your bag.

You can also use them to hold bags that you might want to take off, like shopping bags or laptop bags.

You can also use them to carry around heavy equipment with the carabiner method. I recommend this for when you are moving boxes or something similar so that you can have both hands free.

You could even attach your bag to a table by hooking one backpack loop over the edge of your table and then the other one over the leg of the table.

using backpack loops

You can also use them to tie your bag to a pole, but only if you have 2 loops that are right next to each other! Again, make sure this isn’t too close to anything else as it could cause damage. There is a risk for this method to fail and send your bag crashing to the floor, so be careful.

How many loops should I have on my bag, and what size should they be?

I recommend having at least two backpack loops on your bag. The size of the loops that you should have depends on the number of loops that your bag already has, but it is a good idea to have them close together to make them easier to use.

Try not to attach too many things to your bag as it could cause damage. Having too many loops could be a bad thing as it becomes difficult to attach things to your bag.

Try not to have too few loops either, as you won’t be able to hook items on easily and it will just take up space!

I would recommend having a medium number of loops that are sized appropriately for the size of your bag (don’t make them too small or they won’t be able to carry anything).

Don’t worry about the number or size of backpack loops on your bag, just know that having at least two is ideal!

To use them:

Remove the straps from any buckle notches or buttons, and re-thread through the loops in the reverse order they were removed. So if your right shoulder strap was removed first, then thread it through the left loop first.

Thread both straps through one loop so they are now in a large ‘X’ shape. This is your seat belt!

Tighten the straps to secure them.

When not in use:

Keep the straps attached so that your loops don’t get lost.

To maintain the quality and shape of the loops, keep them in a safe place (don’t just stuff them into a random pocket and forget about them).

Types Of Backpack Loops

Loops can lose their strength over time; more loops mean that there is more material and a greater possibility for wear and tear.

If you choose to take your straps off, make sure not to just throw them away! They are of good quality and can be used again if needed.


The backpack loops are there for you to use when carrying your heavy bags. They’re a simple way to get some help without having to ask someone else or wait in line for assistance. You can thank the design of the loop that makes it easy and quick, even with bulky winter clothes on too! Now go out and try using them at least once so you know what they feel like – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much easier your trip becomes after adding this little piece of backpacking knowledge into your repertoire.

Have adventurous life.

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