10 Best Cat Backpacks in 2021 [cat backpack buying guide]

We know you love your cat buddy that’s why we are here to help you to spend more and more time with your cat by taking her with you when you are going out. As long as it is secure and comfortable to take them out so, here are the amazing collections of cat backpacks.

Best Cat Backpack

Traveling with a cat is becoming fashionable and trendy, these backpacks are the right way to take your kitty out anywhere. These backpacks are specially made for cats and are perfect for carrying around your furry friend and yet they are stylish and modern as well.

The advantage of using these backpacks is that it leaves your hands free while adventuring.

Shopping for Cat Backpacks

So when it comes to buying a backpack for cats, not ordinary backpacks, you have to take care of all these important features which make, it perfect for your cat.
The backpack you choose depends on you, your cat, and how you plan to use it.


Size is the most important factor among all, the backpack you chose is really depends on the size of your cat and it must be the right size for your cat. They need to be able to sit in it properly, move around it easily, and be able to stand up. Most of all, they need to be comfortable in it.


Make sure there is a metal frame that can hold your kitty and look for specific maximum weights for each bag. You’ll also want to make sure the fabric is thick enough to hold up against the cat’s claws and it lost longer.

Your Cat’s Comfort

Make sure that your cat can sit upright in their backpack is not the only aspect you need to consider when it comes to your cat’s comfort in their backpack.

Cat Backpack Base

If the base of the backpack is soft it may cause the bag to bulge downwards underweight or under pressure or through lack of strength, but if it is too hard, it might be uncomfortable for the cat and you as well. Most backpacks now come with a cushion for your cat. You can also design your cushion using a blanket or a jumper.


Make sure the bag is easy to use and convenient means that the cat can easily go in and out of the bag. It should not be difficult or impossible to get your cat in or out. Considered pockets, as well as pockets, help to store food and other necessary things for your kitten.

Cat Backpack Structure

It is also recommended to consider the backpack structure, many cat bags come in soft structures but it makes your cat and you uncomfortable as it becomes folded with your cat weight.


Considered you are traveling in a small box without windows and it is dark black!! and I forget to mention you can’t breathe.

How does it feel?

Our cats feel the same.

So your backpack must have plenty of holes and windows. Mesh windows are pretty good for airflow and your cat can also enjoy the outside view. The fabric must be breathable of the backpack.


Make sure that your cat is safe in it. Zippers should have a lock.

Your Comfort

Your backpack must be comfortable for you as you wear it and carrying your cat in it. The shoulder straps must be wider and long enough and have a chest or waist strap which helps distribute the weight.


Last but not least is the price of the backpack, It is important that the cost of your backpack not so high. It must be cost-effective and affordable for you.

The Best Backpacks for Cats

Without dragging, the topic here are some top-notch cat backpacks that we chose for you. All the bags that we chose for you have wonderful reviews and have all the premium qualities which we already discussed. We saved you a boatload of personal research and scoured the market for what’s available. Here are our picks for the best backpacks.

1 Fat Cat Backpack Carrier for Larger Cats

The Fat Cat Backpack for Larger Cats
  • Taylor Swift’s style Cat Backpack.
  • Space capsule design makes this chest bag cool and futuristic.
  • Airline Approved Pet Carrier Large Space.
  • Bubble window can provide security and ease anxiety for your lovely pets.
  • Ventilated cat dog carrier backpack with 9 big air holes and mesh, pet will feel comfortable and breathable inside.
  • Superior Quality & Easy to Clean.
  • It can hold a cat up to 24 lbs.

Got a cat that is a little fattier and fluffy then this backpack is for you since it can hold a cat up to 24 lbs of weight. This bag also includes amazon’s choice for large cat backpacks.

There is a Bubble window to give them a beautiful view of the world and provide security and ease anxiety for your lovely cats. It is very convenient to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with your furry friend for traveling, riding, walking, sightseeing, camping, hiking, and more outdoor activities. This bag also includes side pockets, plus a fluffy pillow that allows the cat to lay comfortably.

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2 Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack for Larger Cats

Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack for Larger Cats
  • Four mesh windows for ventilation and visibility.
  • Keep your pet comfortable.
  • The cat backpack comes with safety strap to secure your pet and prevent escape.
  • Backpack dimensions:13″ L x 11″ W x 17″ H.
  • Perfect pet backpack for cats up to 20 pounds

This backpack is best for medium size kitties (Hold cats up to 20 LBS) and has Four mesh windows for ventilation and a nice view for the kitty. Adjustable padded straps have been added to make this pack a little more comfortable to carry around. This cat carrier backpack comes with both waist and chest buckles which helps to reduce the burden and keeps the shoulder straps from slipping while the pet moves.

3 Mogoko Comfortable Cat Backpack for Small Cats

Best Cat Backpack
  • Durable & Comfortable Material.
  • Adjustable padded straps help to reduce the burden.
  • Padding Panels & Removable Bottom Cover.
  • Peep Hole Design for Ventilation & Visible.
  • Recommend weight from 7 to 10 pounds.
  • Best for small cats.

This backpack is best for smaller kitties ( recommend weight from 7 to 10 pounds ) and is made from breathable mesh and polyester fiber. Mesh on the top front allows for ventilation as well as a nice view for the kitty. Adjustable padded straps help to reduce the burden and make this pack a little more comfortable to carry around. It is very lightweight and Comfortable, great ideal for outdoor trips.

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4 Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Cat Backpack (Best for medium size cats)

Apollo Walker Pet Carrier Cat Backpack
  • BETTER CONSTUCTION-Well ventilated design for optimal airflow.
  • Two-way entry for easy access.
  • The back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding for more comfort during long trips.
  • Best for medium size cats & dogs.

There’s a lot of room in this carrier for a good size or medium-sized cat. There’s also plenty of ventilation the mesh windows and soft, comfy bedding for your pet. The back and shoulder straps are equipped with extra thick padding for more comfort during long trips. This backpack comes with chest buckles and waist buckles to give you extra support and zipper buckles ensure that your cat will stay put.

Carrier also has a leash tether to attach to your cat’s collar if you decide to open the top window to let your pet stick its head out. This bag also includes amazon’s choice for the backpack.

5 Cat Carrier Backpack Bubble Space Capsule Pet Cat Backpack

Cat Carrier Backpack Bubble Space Capsule
  • Space Capsule Cat Carrier Backpack Bubble.
  • Fits 18 lbs large cat and fat kitten.
  • Giant Side Net Opening.
  • Breathable ventilated.
  • Entire backpack weighs 3 lbs only.

This backpack is also best for medium size kitties (Hold cats up to 15 LBS). There’s an opening in the top so that your cat can hang their head out, and there’s also a clear bubble to give them a sweet view of the world. Built-in 2 side pockets for leash, harness, and food storage.

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6 Taylor Swift’s Cat Backpack CloverPet Luxury Bubble Pet Carrier Travel Backpack for Cats

Taylor Swift’s style Cat Backpack CloverPet Luxury Bubble Pet Carrier Travel Backpack for Cats
  • Taylor Swift’s style Cat Backpack.
  • Built-in security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes, soft washable pad, top & side entries for maximum accessibility.
  • Besides all the functions of the regular PET carriers, cloverpet’s patent-pending advanced semi-sphere window design.
  • Adjustable backpack straps and carrying handles make the carrier easy to attach to a seatbelt.
  • Outside dimension: 14.2″L x 12.2″W x 19.3″H. Inside dimension: 13.2″L x 10.4″W x 16.1″H. Diameter of semisphere: 6.7″.
  • Carrier weight: 6.6 pounds.

It is stylish, luxurious plus very comfortable, and breathable for pets and you can open the bag from both sides adds a little more convenience for humans and pets. Pets can explore the outside world through the semi-sphere window while staying in the bag safely. It is an extremely handy and convenient carrier for you.

A very helpful review from a regular buyer Mj: Absolutely in love with this carrier! One of my favorite purchases ever. Besides the most obvious being how beautiful and well made it is (It reminds me of classic luggage from the 70’s my parents used to own),

7 Expandable Cat Carrier Backpack for Cats

Expandable Cat Carrier Backpack for Cats
  • Expandable & Transparent Cat Backpack Carrier.
  • Wider visual view from the transparent bubble window.
  • Extra 9 holes around this cat carrier and two side windows to perform great air circulation and ventilation.
  • Expandable back panel to give more room and play time at outdoor activity.
  • Eye-catching and Lightweight less than 3 lbs only.
  • Airline Approved.

This backpack can be expanded. Expandable back panel to give more room and freedom at the outdoor activity. It is very eye-catching and lightweight, the entire backpack is less than 3 pounds only. It can hold a cat up to 12 pounds.

A very helpful review from a regular buyer Leo C: My cats love it! I leave the side door open and they just hang out in there. It’s comfortable enough for my back as well.

8 Siivton Airline Approved Pet Carrier Cat Backpack

Airline Approved Pet Carrier Cat Backpack
  • Airline Approved Pet Carrier Expandable Cat Backpack.
  • Travel Carrier is equipped with Oxford and high density EVA board for protection.
  • Versatile for your cars or all types of travel.
  •  Cozy fleece pet bed can be completely removed and machine-washed.

Whether using this bag as a shoulder bag, handbag, or even a car seat create or you can attach it to the top of the suitcase, this is a convenient cat carrier to have. It has 4 unique ways of expansion that allow your pet to move around more comfortably and reduces the fear of confinement. It is a true travel companion since it’s airline-approved.

A very helpful review from a regular buyer Brian: “Just as described! This pet carrier has several pockets and all the sides are extendable to provide more space. The top and one side of the carrier are mesh, ensuring your pet has plenty of fresh air, and he/she can see the outside world.”

9 Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Cat Backpack

Best cat backpack for small cats
  • Extremely flexible and prepared to fit under almost any airline seats in a snap.
  • High quality meshes to secure maximum air ventilation
  • Patented flexible frames keeps the carrier completely unfolded and protects your pet from getting crushed.

This is a multi-options cat backpack as you can use this bag as a backpack, front pack, shoulder bag, handbag, or even a car seat create, It is built with very high-quality stylish 600 denier oxford fabric. With 4 high ventilation meshes for plenty of air and a beautiful view, walk-through doors, reinforced zippers with locks, and a washable fleece bed, this bag has endless facilities to make your cat’s ride comfortable. It is not Airline approved but may fit under some airline seats.

10 Katziela Pet Gear with Removable Wheels

Cat Backpack with Removable Wheels
  • Designed to meet TSA and most airlines standards.
  • Telescoping handle (34 inches)
  • Mesh windows for plenty of airflow

Looking for the possibility of rolling your pet around? This carrier is the one for you since it features removable wheels and a telescoping handle (34 inches) along with many other features to help provide versatility and long-lasting performance. It is a true travel companion since it’s airline-approved when the wheels are removed for it to fit under the seat. Many mesh windows for plenty of airflows and a nice view for Kitty.

A very helpful review from a regular buyer: I love this carrier it has the world’s strongest Velcro to the wheeled base The zippers and fabric are super strong the handle goes in and out so easily I’m super excited with this purchase got it just in time for my traveling needs.

PS. the style is gorgeous I got so many compliments already.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs Related to Best Cat Backpack

Are cat backpacks safe?

Yes, they are! They are best designed just for the safe transportation of the cats as compared to the regular carrier. They are included with the clip which is attached to your cat’s collar, as well as air holes for easy breathing. Not just for the cat safety, but you can also use it for the recreation purposes of the cat.

Do cats like travel backpacks?

Some of the felines are fond of sitting inside the backpack no matter whether it is for short trips or long walks. They love to see outside from the small window of the room to catch the outdoor view. But some of the cats hate it. They will obviously feel stressed in the small spaces or hate the jostling.

Is it weird to walk a cat?

Not all cats are fond of walking on the leash but it is important for all the cats to have the opportunity. By walking a cat will be providing the pet with an enriched feeling. Some cats are fond of visiting the outdoor, smell various things and even catch their beauty.

Do cat backpacks get hot?

Some of the backpacks are made out of acrylic due to which they can become so much hot. This is all because the heat has been trapped all inside the carrier. It is always a better option to look for the carrier with some holes so the fresh air can stay inside the carrier all the time.

How do I choose a cat carrier?

Try to look for a carrier that is user-friendly and should not be causing stress for your pet. Make sure you pick the one which is comfortable, cozy, and clean.

Which Cat Backpack do you like the most? leave it in the comment below.

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